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Mary July 28, 2019

The whole experience was great. Hanta's team did very well. The standard of the hotels was fine for us, the landscape was excellent and the people were very hospitable. We liked the food very much and the cute lemurs were one of the biggest highlights for us. Unfortunately the roads were a bit down, which made travelling a bit longer sometimes. 2020-06-10 um 22.25.06.png
Glody April 11, 2019

I had the honour to discover Morocco in a very special way. Since it was my first time, I wanted to take as much of the country with me as possible. Through my friend I came across Travel Afrique and with it our esteemed travel expert Aimrane Diani. We were able to express our wishes in advance and Aimrane made sure that our needs were integrated into the route accordingly. Welcome to the land of dreams, a homely feeling was created right from the start, and Aimrane made sure that it stayed that way throughout our stay. His partner Mohammed also provided a super good atmosphere. It was hard for us to say goodbye, as this was an incredibly enjoyable experience. Many thanks to the Supratravel team and for unforgettable moments.

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Leroy October 22, 2019

Our trip to Madagascar was awesome! The diverse nature in Madagascar offers a highlight at every corner. Nevertheless our personal highlight was the Tsingy Red. When we visited it, there were almost no other visitors on site. The view of the canyon from the platform was a breathtaking experience, which we warmly recommend to everybody! We are very satisfied and the trip was worth every cent.

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