About Travel Afrique

We work every day and sometimes even night to make travelling to and in Africa more convenient for you.

Our Mission

Travel Afrique is not your regular workplace. We believe that people who achieve outstanding achievements do not have jobs. What they have is a mission. We take our mission seriously, imagine every day how we can have a meaningful impact on people in the future and work to make that future a reality today. Travel Afrique’s mission is to make Africa more accessible to the world.

Meet our local travel experts

Our carefully selected local travel experts and their agencies are passionate about sharing their long and extensive experience with travelers around the world. Book a tailor-made trip with them and help and support them in building their local economy.

Meet the team

Co-founder, Calvino



Co-founder, Calvino



Co-founder, Calvino



Our core values

Be a revolutionary

Drive humanity forward, even if it means going against the tide.

We work together

Teamwork is what makes ordinary people extraordinary and enables them to create incredible things.

Make customers happy

Put the customer's needs first. Only if they are happy, we will be successful.

Embrace the challenge

Feel confident in doing things that have never been done before. Believe that there is always a way and you are the one that will figure it out.

We are true to ourselves

Don’t make decisions at the expense of our values and beliefs.

Be a child at heart

Be bold enough to believe in audacious dreams like children do.