Madagascar, Avenue of the Boababs


The place where you will find 5% of all the animals and plants known so far in the world – this is Madagascar.

Welcome to Madagascar

Unique world of nature

Of all known animal and plant species in the world, 5% can only be found here in Madagascar. There are many strange and wonderful creatures and plants like baobabs, insects, sharks, frogs, orchids, palms, birds, turtles, mongooses and the list goes on. The trademark animal of the island is the lemur. However, this biological diversity is currently facing a threat from climate change.

Indescribable landscapes

The unparalleled wildlife is matched by epic landscapes of incredible diversity. Rainforest and desert can be experienced in only 300 km. Hardly any other place on earth offers such an intense and varied picture of nature. It features sandstone gorges, limestone karst, mountains, fertile hills with terraced rice paddies, forests of every kind – rainy, dry, spiny – and a laterite-rich soil that has earned the country the nickname “Red Island”. With its endless coastline, the sea is always within reach, teal and idyllic in some parts and a bit dangerous in others.

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